Yes, another editorial and Instagram update!

Getting back into the normal flow of things after a slow period over Xmas. Trouser Tuesdays are back on track with part 1 of a 4-part series of tweed trouser reviews. The idea is to present a mid-range pair, as in this weeks pair of Harris Tweed trousers from Toast, then a more reasonably priced pair, a splendidly exotic pair and finally an expensive and immensely silly pair. The way it works is that if you keep reading, I’ll keep writing. Once the next three reviews are done I have more interesting strides in my archive of two-legged goodness.

We spent last weekend in Gothenburg in Sweden, remarkable for insanely poor weather, but also a few interesting discoveries. A write-up will follow on this, in a similar vein to previous reports such as Berlin.

I’ll confess to having been peeking around a bit, and even buying a few items, in the sales this year. My best tips can be found in a small post of sales tips I did on this. Worth using the extra discount codes to eek the best value from your buys!

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