Companion Denim unboxing and review!

I was recently reading a piece in the newspaper about internet trends and how the phenomena of “unboxing” was huge. Never one to let a bandwagon pass by, I thought “hey, I’m sure it’s not just kids that would like to see someone open a box and show them what’s in it!”. Heck, I know you’re gagging for my little…

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Deck jackets are totally “on point” and “in” this season

The thing about the really classic jackets is that while they may be deemed “on point” and terribly in vogue at random intervals of time, the true greatness of them is that outside the fickle and pointless world of fashion, they are always great. Now I could have spent some time trying to work out what was deemed the “in”…

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Another case of sole rejuvination, my Victory-soled Masterpieces

This summer I happened up on a pair of Grenson “Masterpiece” brogues, well used and going for a song. The leather sole and heel were pretty worn down, but the careful owner had taken wonderful care of the upper, they were polished to a deep, gleaming lustre and looked pretty great. So, given my preference for some proper rubber under…

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A week in Scotland: The other bits (part two)

Part one covered my experiences the first half of the week, which was spent in Edinburgh. In this part we pack up the car and head North. Attempting to get an understanding of Scotland by staying a week in Edinburgh is obviously a futile exercise, so we had decided that this would be a half and half holiday, kind of…

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Consumer advocate: What can you expect from an expensive shirt?

While in Edinburgh this summer I happened to stop by Harvey Nichols and found their sale was on. I scored a cracking deal on a pair of Red Wing boots, and found an interesting shirt as well. The shirt is green, in a slightly military cut, and made from “Tencel“. This grabbed my attention, as I’d not come across it before.…

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edinburgh tm

A week in Scotland: Edinburgh (part one)

So, I know you’ve been waiting for me to report on the second half of my Summer holidays. My trip to Barcelona (really Sitges) can be read here, here and here. In stark contrast to the sunny excess of Spain, the second week saw us head off to Scotland, home of the brave and eternal rain. Or so we were…

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LaneFortyFive tm

Lane Fortyfive, the small-batch gin of clothing?

One of the aspects I enjoy most about being a blogger is getting to know interesting people and this week I had a long chat with the chap behind new label “Lane Fortyfive“. The chat, as it turned out, was very much a coming together of minds, as Tan is ticking a huge number of checkboxes when it comes to…

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hip hop family tree ed piskor

False-memory syndrome – The Hip Hop family tree

Remember back when you were a kid? There was no Internet and the closest you got to the wisdom of Google was your dad? When information came by way of newspapers or TV and libraries were awesome, though not so much on the sort of important breaking news that was the lifeblood of being a hip teenager? Today we’re so utterly…

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jpl ruc tote tm

Is the Ruc-Tote the Kinder chocolate or Swiss army knife of luggage?

Combining features has long been a way for products to innovate. The Germans do the Kinder Eggs, promising three distinct joys for a single purchase. The Swiss army have, by way of Victorinox, Wenger or whatever, introduced the world to the sheer joy of combining an increasing number of tools in one (now barely) hand held piece. I’ll not hotly…

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