Taking my jeans to meet their maker – A visit to Livid Jeans

I recently had business back in my old hometown of Trondheim in Norway. Fine old town that it is, it’s still not somewhere I find myself travelling to very often. This time though, I was looking forward to it though, as for the past 30 months or so, the most frequently pair of jeans in my rotation was handmade in…

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Another boot upgrade to gaze upon

I recently found a pair of really splendid looking boots. The leather was unusual and lovely, the brogueing to a very nice pattern and the lacing and shape very satisfying. They did indeed provoke instant lust. And they were very much on offer as well, so it was a given that they would be travelling home with me. There was…

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Knitted wool hats can get stuffed.

I realise I’m going out on a limb here, stating the unutterable, voicing the opinion that dare not be muttered, yet standing up for the freezing man in face of popular opinion. You just know I’m about to go off all half-cocked now, right? So, knitted wool hats. What a load of crap! Apart from hiding your bad hair day, what…

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Flattery will get you everywhere!

If I may be so bold as to indulge in a little tooting of my own trumpet for a moment, I recently passed 10.000 followers on my Instagram account and for the second time running the UK Esquire magazine have published their “The Most Stylish Men On Instagram” and I’m happy to be featured as one of their esteemed selection again.…

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Going back to the source – The Gloverall “Monty”

When it comes to duffle coats there are many many makers, but when if comes to The Duffle, it all comes down to Gloverall. They didn’t invent them, but they were there when the British Navy wanted to offload their supply of surplus duffles in 1951. A new company was established with the catchy name Gloves & Overalls, which transformed into…

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A day of gentlemanly activities in Oslo

Recently I was invited to partake in a day of gentlemanly activities as part of promoting #HowToBeAGentleman at Paleet shopping centre in Oslo. The selection of participants made for a pleasantly eclectic group, consisting of rock musician and radio host Øystein Greni, top chef and vintage motorcyclist Even Ramsvik, cobbler and raconteur Asbjørn Dagestad, TV persona and blogger John Ødegård Jensen and me, your favourite…

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Son of Arkaig – The Trakke Assynt 17 backpack

Backpacks or rucksacks are an important feature of my life. Much of the time I’m cycling, which means a backpack is much more practical than a bag. Or I’ll be out with the dawgs, which also means having my hands free to scoop the poop is an advantage. I just can’t seem to get into that tote-thing with any enthusiasm…

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Serious Trouser Suspension – For Holding Up The Trousers

Welcome to another unboxing video, aka me trying not to mess up a single take video too much while talking and opening a box of something I’m pretty keen to show you. This time it’s a pair of suspenders from Copenhagen-based For Holding Up The Trousers and yes, I do adore the company name, it’s literalness is utterly smile-inducing. If…

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All sewn and delivered – the Lane Fortyfive review

A few weeks back I wrote a piece about the new Made in Britain brand Lane Fortyfive. At the end of the piece I mentioned that I had ordered some garments for myself and promised to report back in due course. Well, those that follow my Instagram will already have noticed and appreciated that the garments arrived and look the…

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Ley Clothing – more quality, small-scale production

Ley Clothing is Ollie. Just Ollie, operating out of the spare room in his flat, self-taught and dedicated to his art. He first came to my attention when I noticed the shirts he was showing on Instagram. In a fantastic looking brown deadstock vintage corduroy. I’m not sure which of those hashtaggable words it was that caught my attention, but…

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