Monthly Archives : February 2024

Garmology podcast: From riffs to threads to pods – With Jeremy Kirkland, Blamo! (#139)

It’s no secret that podcast enthusiasts often form a connection with their favourite hosts. Granting someone access to your lugholes for hours on end, it’s quite natural that over time a lopsided friendship of sort occurs. After immersing myself in Jeremy Kirkland’s “Blamo!” podcast for countless hours over the years, I extended an invitation for him to join me on…

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Garmology podcast: Upcycled surplus stories – With Philipp Maertens, Taktonik (#137)

This week on the podcast, we venture to Germany for an engaging conversation with Philipp Maertens from Taktonik. Taktonik specializes in crafting bags and other products from upcycled army surplus materials. Philipp shares how his fascination with creating was ignited by the discovery of shiny trousers fashioned from airmail bags. We delve into Philipp’s unique approach of weaving narratives through…

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