Monthly Archives : December 2023

Garmology podcast: The festive special with Shaun & Jon (#136)

🎄✨ Join us for a festive wrap-up as Shaun, Jon, and I take a break to discuss everything from current male fashions and best buys to socks, engineer boots, and sourcing clothes from unconventional places. In this candid and lengthy conversation, we dive into weird avenues like affordability and seasonal colour analysis, sharing memorable experiences and more. It’s like overhearing…

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Garmology podcast: The vintage lad – With Niklas Hoppe (#135)

This week, join us on a captivating journey to Cologne, Germany, as we sit down with Niklas Hoppe, the embodiment of vintage flair known as Vintagebursche. From a 16-year-old metalhead to a sartorial connoisseur of 1920s fashion, Niklas unfolds his fascinating evolution. Delve into the realms of vintage recreation, role-playing, and Niklas’s venture into writing a sewing book for crafting…

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