Monthly Archives : November 2021

Garmology: Unpicking sustainability – With Melissa Watts (S03 E12)

This week my guest, sustainability and fashion writer Melissa Watts, takes me down the primrose path of fast fashion and the problem of sustainability. We talk about the fast fashion pulled a fast one with their Higgs index, how the science of marketing is making consumers take on the industry’s guilt, the problem of agreeing on some actual numbers and…

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Garmology: The joy of clothes – with Ragnhild Brochmann (S03 E11)

In a quest to lighten the mood a bit, fashion historian and national esthetician Ragnhild Brochmann visits the pod this week to talk about historical peacockery, why teens have more fun, revisiting your younger self, the codes of accessories, how the 1940s had the best garment, why finding your style isn’t the way to go and much more! Ragnhild writes…

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