My life pictorially, more Instagrammar

Another Friday collation of what has passed by way of posts to Instagram. Small outtakes and staged settings to illustrate my existence. Sounds a little more conceptual and serious than it really is though. I just enjoy sharing small collages, and appreciate that people respond to them. Are we not all really hoping to be noticed in some way or other?

Onwards though. Off now to Gothenburg for a weekend of investigations into Swedish culture and shopping. Expect a post on my experiences there, similar to Berlin, Copenhagen and several on London previously. Although not as hot as Malmø or Stockholm, Gothenburg has a few things I’m looking forward to, among them some interesting food trucks.

Apart from that, I’ll be following up on trousers over the next weeks. Long ones, suitable for the current climate. Braces are back, so I’ll be showing you how to add some suspension to your favourite strides by way of adding buttons.

Oh, and I keep adding good stuff to my For Sale page, have a look.

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