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The paradox of sustainability and socks

Yesterday I bought a pair of socks in a fast-fashion outlet. They caught my eye, and as a teen of the formative years of computing, it was hard to resist the lure of the Pac-Man design. The original school of video games, all innovation in graphics and gameplay, eeking every cycle of computing power out of the chips and the…

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Sustainability and our clothing – part 1

The following text was first posted on my Instagram over 10 posts recently, but to be honest I thought it might have the legs to be posted to the blog as well. It does pretty much sum up a lot of my thoughts on sustainability related to clothing and covers a number of points that tend not to be mentioned…

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You have to be kidding, the 333 project???

Something I have been pondering the past couple of weeks is the curious idea of the 333 project. In short it’s all about selecting 33 items of clothing and wearing them exclusively for 3 months. To start with I thought that 33 items sounds like a decent amount, how hard can that be? Then I found myself thinking of ways…

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