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Garmology: Getting Higgy with it – With Philippa Grogan, Eco-Age (#99, S04/E26)

In the season finale of season 4, I’m visited by Philippa Grogan, sustainability consultant in Eco-Age, an agency for sustainable business strategy. Since graduating, Philly has been on a fascinating journey (literally) through the garment industry of Asia, before working in Eco-Age to help companies lower their impact on people and the planet. Our conversation covers the recent developments in…

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Review: The Twin-Track waxed jacket from Private White VC

I’ll start off right here with a confession, though to the initiated it will be more like stating the obvious: I do like a nice waxed jacket. For those of a similar persuasion, the attraction is obvious. There’s the historical aspect, cotton fabric has been treated to make it waterproof for a long time now. While we may hear tell…

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