Monthly Archives : December 2016

My favorite Instagram photos of 2016

As the year comes to a closing the totting up of the wins and losses, the balancing of the debits and credits, the memories of the good and the bad of the expiring year are on the table. I’ll no doubt be blogging up a storm again from next week onwards, but this fine morning, enjoying a moment of peace…

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The anatomy of a cult object – The deerstalker

Great title, right? Not something I came up with, mind you, I purloined it in a dastardly manner from an old friend who wrote a painfully meticulous book detailing every little component of the early Jaguar XK120, definitely a cult object in it’s own right. Todays post though? The deerstalker hat. Traditionally a hunting cap first heard of in the 1860s and…

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The truth about #hygge

Observing the current obsession in the UK with the apparently Danish concept of “hygge” is both amusing and disturbing. Firstly, trying to package and sell such a concept is in itself a strange task, based as it is on an apparently untranslatable word that involves an increasingly wide selection of absolutely necessary food, drink, accessories and whatnots to achieve some…

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