Monthly Archives : October 2019

The difficulties of choosing eyewear

If you’re a wearer of spectacles, you’ll relate to the problems of choosing eyewear that suit you. Apparently there is a science to this, as at least one of my local opticians offers the services of their qualified eyewear stylists. In my experience, it’s more a case of starting at one end of the always immense selection and then working…

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When a tweed coat was the real star of the crime drama “Strike”

I don’t know how many of you are avid readers of crime fiction, or viewers of crime drama, but if I say JK Rowling I’m sure some of you will make the association with her alter ego “Robert Galbraith” and the currently three-part series about Cormoran Strike. The books are passable crime fiction about the private detective Cormoran Strike and…

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