Waistcoat Wednesday: Nigel Cabourn, herringbone Harris Tweed finery

Today’s waistcoat is another Mallory by Nigel Cabourn, and yes, it’s the second of it’s kind I’m presenting. The first, in a brown Harris Tweed was number 2 in the series of Waitcoat Wednesdays. This one is the same, yet completely different, at least to me! If you’ve not come across Nigel Cabourn before, he and his company is based in Newcastle, Great Britain, and specialise in high-end, quality clothing, very much inspired by vintage styles and construction. I’ve previously written a piece about his Mallory jacket and waistcoat, both inspired by the tweeds used by the British adventurer George Mallory in his ill-fated attempt at conquering Mount Everest.



The tweed used for this one is a terrific blue and black herringbone Harris Tweed. A classic Mallory cut, with 6 buttons (we do remember not to button the bottom button?), 4 proper pockets on the outside, one on the inside and a quality cotton lining. A waistcoat that is made to last.  Given how thick, dense and warm the tweed is, this makes a useful item for layering up to keep the cold out during Spring and Autumn.



In case anyone is wondering, the trousers I’m wearing are by ARN Mercantile, and the shirt by NN07.

Oh, and the link to much more info about George Mallory and the jacket he has given his name to is here.
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Be inspired and join in the fun next week!

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