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Another Friday and another entry in my little weekly summary of the goings on here at WellDressed mansion. This week was marked by two small, yet groundbreaking, events: the entry of H&M into the underground trend of men dressing up as steam train operators and the arrival of my first design collaboration. The H&M business was the result of a lucky find in the clearance rack at H&M in Oslo, which indicates that there myst have been more than the two pairs of stripey, vintagey trousers that were left there in circulation. Yet no one noticed this? Very odd indeed.

The first pair of Fracap X WDD winter boots have arrived. A fine mix of Italian handcraft, superb soft leather, solid Vibram commando sole and genuine Harris Tweed. I’m super pleased with how they turned out and can so far confirm that they work really well on the floors of the mansion, excellent traction and absolutely no “breaking in” period at all. As soon as I have taken some good photographs for the write-up, I look forward to testing them on the rough Autumn streets. For those asking how to order your own pair: I’ll include more details in the write-up next week, please be patient!

Heading to Oslo tomorrow to visit the Aett pop-up shop (at Aker Brygge, Oslo). Very much looking forward to this as they have impressed me before. If you’re in or around Oslo I suggest you take a look in as well!


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