Monthly Archives : March 2020

The “Landgate” rainproof smock, a new sewing project

I know, the moment you saw the rainproof smock and sewing as the title of this article, you thought one of three things: Hang on, I’m sure Nick announced that on Instagram ages ago Right, yes, another project started with lots of gusto and never heard of again Ooh, nice one, that will be interesting to read about! And yes,…

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The Blackshore Poncho, an unexpected rainwear solution

I have a pretty long commute. I don’t do it every day, but 2-3 times a week. It involves cycling, the train, the metro and walking. This means exposure to weather and a lot of sitting around. Add this to a penchant for dressing up in fancy frocks and there is a certain type of weather conditions that is problematic.…

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Redying shoes – Changing the colour of leather shoes

A couple of years back I gave my wife two pairs of beautiful Heschung split-tie leather shoes and a pair of Gingko boots. The boots are burgundy leather with a lighter colour canvas shank, the shoes a rather spiffy if vivid, deep pink. Over time I noticed that the boots were seeing a lot of use, but the shoes were…

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