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Dotsuit: The future is a bodysuit with dots on

Since the advent of the industrial revolution way back around 1760 to 1830, the garment industry has been pretty much business as usual. Some may argue that there has been immense innovation, but if you look at it with a realistic eye, it’s spinning, weaving, cutting and sewing that fills the days. Yes, fast fashion and offshoring might count as…

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Tweed jacket – How to buy vintage and secondhand

Today’s post about buying a tweed jacket is by Garmsman Shaun. You can follow him on Instagram as @these_rough_notes Tweed jacket – How to buy vintage and secondhand If you are reading this Blog regularly you will know about Tweed, its versatility, its longevity, its warmth, its ability to transcend fashion in the world of Menswear. You’ll probably understand the fact…

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5 things I just do not do

Those of you that have followed me for a while have a fair idea of the sort of things I like and do. Let’s face it, coming up to 6 years now, I’m pretty well documented! Today though, I’m going to go into the ever popular revelatory mode and give you a little insight into 5 things I just do…

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