Monthly Archives : January 2020

The Garmsman Dozen #21: John B from the UK/USA

Welcome to the anniversary 21st instalment of the “Garmsman Dozen” question and answer session.  Did you miss earlier ones? There are links at the end of the page. This week we extend a warm welcome to John B from the UK/USA! Who are you, where do you live and what interests you? John B, Brooklyn, 50 Instagram: johnbbrooklyn I grew…

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Rewaxing a waxed jacket, or the story of “Aulde Reekie”

In the world of tech fabrics, waxed cotton is the old curmudgeon sitting in the corner eyeing up the newcomers with a sceptical look of disdain. Waxed cotton has been around for ages, from the early use of improving the wind-retaining use as sails, to water-repellent outerwear. As these things go, it’s pretty environmentally friendly as well, there are no…

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A new idea for 2020, the carry-all utility vest

I very often get quite amazingly great ideas, absolutely world-class, game-changing ideas. Especially when I’m out walking, or trying to fall asleep (these two seldom occur at the same time), and naturally after figuratively slapping my own back in exultation, I think that I’ll put this in my mental bank of great ideas that should be worked on more. This…

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