Editorial: Autumn and armpits, an odorous life

It’s Friday, it’s the end of October, and even the most ardent fans of Summer will no doubt be aware that Autumn is in full effect. This is my favourite time of year for talking a walk in the woods. Not just the colours, but the sounds, the smells and the views. Good stuff. And it offers up some great opportunities to take photos, as you’ll know if you’ve been following my Instagram 🙂



I’ve just taken delivery of yet more deodorants to test, and yes, as with the Great Shaving Cream Review, I’m spending my own coin on it, so I’ll no doubt have a box full of rubbish deodorants at the end of it. As with the box full of below par shaving lubricants that taunt me. If your Xmas present from me this year is a shaving cream that appears to be just slightly used, and then goes on to perform really poorly, you’ll know whats up. Still, we’ll see how the underarm gear works out.



Tomorrow I’ll post about how to get your jeans repaired really properly. It came as quite an eye-opener to me, but if you have a cherished pair of denim strides that you have mercilessly worn to pieces, there are ways to restore them to almost pristine glory.



I’ve also noticed I have quite a stack of books to review, so I’ll have to start dealing with this backlog. Just in time for Xmas as well, though going by what I’ve seen of them so far I’ll probably be helping you keep your wallet in your pocket to a greater extent than making you head online to purchase.

I’m always open to suggestions or question, so get in touch if you like. My email is WellDressedDad (at) gmail.com



And as per usual, I’ll leave you with a few of my favourite Instagram images from recent times. I know you like to look.








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