Monthly Archives : September 2015

Dad does Instagram, and keeps at it.

Finally life is calming down a little. This summer has been busier than most, with 3 trips to England, one to India and getting married. Those that follow me on Instagram have been joyfully able to track my movements and experiences every step of the way. For those of you that prefer to wait for my infrequent pictorial updates, here…

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Tweed jacket upcycle project: Day one – shoulder pads

Last week I posted the question: What can I do with an old vintage Harris Tweed jacket.After a surprising amount of input on which of the three projects I should select to put an old Harris Tweed jacket though, I have decided that the first project will be to go slouchy on this one. Or try to “unconstruct” it, in…

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Waistcoat Wednesday: Nigel Cabourn Farm Vest

This weeks review for Waistcoat Wednesday will be just a little bit different to the usual format, as I will weave in a guest voice in the guise of WDG. She has much experience as a seamstress and gives me valuable insight into fabric choices and construction. As will become clear, this week our differing opinions almost ended in fisticuffs!…

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