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Garmology: So, two students started making frames – With Jamie Bartlett, Banton Frameworks (S05 E03 #102)

Today’s guest is Jamie Bartlett of Banton Frameworks, a small, independent maker of optical frames outside Glasgow in Scotland. Jamie tells the fascinating story of their bumpy start, making frames from random materials in a car, how they’ve since built the business frame by frame, collaborating with similarly minded brands and how rewarding it is to have loyal fans of…

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Garmology: Still buying shoes in a world on fire – With Alec Leach, former editor of Highsnobiety (S05/E02 #101)

This week’s guest on the pod is Alec Leach, former editor of the product hype website Highsnobiety and author of the book “The world is on fire and we@re still buying shoes”. We talk about how he got started in Highsnobiety and what the work there involved, how streetwear brands have changed the way brands market their goods and how tough…

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