Monthly Archives : September 2023

Garmology podcast: Tailoring academically – With Brita Hirsch of The Tailoring Academy (#129)

Today’s episode takes us to Macclesfield, where Brita Hirsch is celebrating 5 years since starting The Tailoring Academy. From an inconspicuous start upstairs at the local haberdashery shop to its current incarnation with 40 students from a wide range of nationalities and ages, both in-house and online. As per usual, the route that led there isn’t straightforward and Brita is…

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Garmology podcast: Woman grows jeans – With Justine Aldersey-Williams, The Wild Dyery/Northern Fibreshed (S06/E01 #127)

Season premiere! This episode is about the epic task set by Justine Aldersey-Williams of The Wild Dyery and Northern England Fibreshed to create a pair of jeans from seed entirely in the UK. You might think this sounds simple enough, grow some fibres, dye, weave and sew, right? That’s what Justine thought when starting out. Listen in to hear the…

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