Monthly Archives : April 2021

Garmology podcast: Sewing bees – With Liz Grylls and Matt Gage (S02/E13)

Arguably, one of the most compelling television shows in recent years is The Great British Sewing Bee, a fierce, yet friendly, competition between keen hobbyist sewers, with warmth, humour and great opportunities for learning. I can only imagine countless new sewers being inspired to thread their machine and start creating. My guests are Matt Gage and Liz Grylls from the…

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Garmology video: The Nigel Cabourn Mallory jacket

In this episode of “Garmology: Fun with outerwear!” I take a look at the Mallory jacket. First introduced as part of Nigel Cabourns “The ascent of Cabourn” in 2003, an inspired collection that arguably did ensure a big rise in Cabourns popularity, the Mallory has proven an enduring design, returning season after season in a variety of fabrics. I talk…

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