Garmology podcast: The festive season finale – With Jon, Shaun & Nick (S05E26 #126)

Well, it’s that time of the season again, when we call it a wrap, take a break and plot our movies. As usual, I’m joined by Shaun & Jon, well-known and popular voices from previous festive specials, and we have a friendly chat about what we’re wearing, current males fashions, what we’re into and out to, buying and selling, socks, pervy plastic jackets, collecting stuff, what makes shoes comfy, resoling, waxed jackets and whatnots. Like overhearing three guys having a conversation free of prying ears.

Featuring Shaun Brown and Jon Fowler, aka @These_Rough_Notes and @HeavyJon on Instagram.

Early reviews of this episode are mixed, so your listening pleasure is uncertain:

  • Tortoise Trends commented, “We appreciate the slow pace of the proceedings”.
  • VintageWear Weekly gushingly praised “At least they don’t mention whiffy vintage garms this time!”
  • Giffnock Advertiser noted, “Local celeb Shaun gets properly stuck into the proceedings and we love it.”
  • Stationary Engine Magazine said, “These guys sound like our kind of people.“
  • Teddy Bear Times said, “Gets a bit boring in the middle then better at the end.“
  • The Country Smallhold said, “They dress for the occasion but are they up to it?”
  • Business of Fashion stated, “Clearly our days of shilling for the man are over, all hail the three kings.”
  • Gentleman’s Quarterly: “A laidback and comfortably paced chat perfect for accompanying the preparation of sprouts”.
  • Amateur Carp Fishing Monthly said, “ It’s not really our thing.“
  • Carnoustie Guide & Gazette said, “It’s a podcast with men talking.“
  • From Twitter @JeansAndSheux “The scene appreciates the respect shown and offers a Peroni in return.”

Garmology is researched, booked, hosted, edited, published, paid for and everything else by Nick Johannessen. There is no advertising or sponsorship, but you are welcome to support the podcast at

Nick Johannessen is also the editor of the WellDressedDad blog and WellDressedDad on Instagram. You can email Nick as Garmology (at)

Garmology theme music by Fabian Stordalen.

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  • Magnus Henriksson 04/08/2023 at 18:20

    I really hope you keep going, but, why not mix blog and pod? There are for sure interesting pod episodes, but in general I think the blog format fits the subject better. Reading and looking at pictures is better with clothing than speaking about it for 1,5 hour.


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