The rest of the stuff you missed: The best of 2014 part 2!

Seeing as how part one of my grand collection of highlights from 2014 was well received, I hereby offer up the rest. Not ranked in any way, but these are from the second half of the year. In list form, grouped into somewhat relevant groups, with the original titles untouched and preserved.

Once you’ve worked through this lot, the first part of the “best of 2014” can be found in part 1!

And there is still my For Sale page, with a few limited-edition natural indigo-dyed scarves and other extremely curated items from my collection available.

Most readers find their way to my blog through searching for reviews of cool stuff. And I do reviews, quite a few of them. Here is a about half of the ones I did in 2014 (and there were many more in 2013 as well):

And if reviews are not what you’re after, I occasionally do informative pieces about this and that as well. Either about stuff that has caught my eye, or maybe something I’ve done that you might be interested in doing as well. Such as these:

Other times I find myself full of righteous fervour and a rant is in order. Oddly, the older I get the more ranting I do. I may be turning into my father, a champion ranter.

I also like to do write about when I go travelling. If you happen to share my interests, and find yourself going to somewhere I’ve been, you might find my recollections of use. If not going there, it may make you want to go there. Unless you already live there, or have been there.

And that is that, all the best of what I managed to write in 2014. Now to get down and dirty and come up something half decent for 2015. If you have an idea or a request, feel free to email me. I’m always open to suggestions.

If you’ve worked through this lot and still want to read more, the first part of the “best of 2014” can be found in part 1!

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