Waistcoat Wednesday: Scotch & Soda, more than cheese and clogs

Another Wednesday and another instalment of my much lauded series of presentations of armless attire. This weeks waistcoat is from the, relatively speaking, young Dutch company Scotch & Soda. My impressions of Scotch & Soda indicates that they have their sights on the youngish to middle-aged man, at a price range a few steps up from the cheap companies. They do a wide range of garments for each season, enough to make it quite difficult to actually get an overview. Visiting a flagship store invariably shows a different selection to a regular stockist, so finding the pieces you’re after can be a challenge. I recommend keeping an eye on their offerings, as they often do some very nice, and in the context of nice clothes, reasonably priced pieces in the more casual and workwear oriented styles. I have quite a few pairs of their trousers also, which often come up in interesting styles and materials. On a personal note, while I like a fair amount of what they do, I don’t rate their jeans at all.



The waistcoat I’m modelling here is from their 2011 collection and was one of the first waistcoats I added to my collection. It’s in a quite thin, yet wool tweedy material in a pleasing herringbone pattern. We’re not in the Harris Tweed league on this one, but still a pretty nice waistcoat, and in a slightly different style to usual. The brown colour does make it a little more of a challenge to find shirts and trousers that work with it, but a white shirt and jeans would be a fair starting point.



The waistcoat has a nice cotton lining, in 2 different materials, with the usual signature message or greeting on a label, and a single inside pocket. 3 pockets on the outside, though not of any particular depth, so no carrying serious tools there. The cinch on the back is well constructed and has good hardware. This will in fact let you make a proper adjustment and keep it. I notice on the photo that I could have tightened mine a bit more, then again the waistcoat is a touch on the large size for me now.



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