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Yes, another editorial and Instagram update!

Getting back into the normal flow of things after a slow period over Xmas. Trouser Tuesdays are back on track with part 1 of a 4-part series of tweed trouser reviews. The idea is to present a mid-range pair, as in this weeks pair of Harris Tweed trousers from Toast, then a more reasonably priced pair, a splendidly exotic pair…

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What’s up with “dressing nice”?

Last week I was at a work conference celebrating 25 years of the company I work for. As per usual, there is the standard “Big Dinner”. While I enjoy good food, these dinners are always totally painful for me. Sitting at the table for hours to work our way through a meagre 3-course dinner, trying to engage the others round…

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Style: What did I wear today?

This isn’t something I plan to make a regular occurrence of posting, but seeing as it was the Norwegian national day today and an opportunity to dress up a little more than usual, I thought I’d share my “day-off” look with all my fantastic readers. Posed against my garage door, appearing to look unconcerned and relaxed, I’m wearing my SEH…

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