Waistcoat Wednesday: Nigel Cabourn, not for the shy

Quite a special waistcoat this week. One I’ve had for a while, but not really been confident to wear until now. Bought it a size too small by mistake, and only thanks to losing weight I can now get properly into it. A very distinctive waistcoat, courtesy of Nigel Cabourn. Three different colours, in quality Madras checked linen, again based on the classic Mallory style waistcoat, but named the Notch Lapel waistcoat. Not the catchiest of names, but a very nice waistcoat.



The linen used is top-quality linen supplied by Spencer Bryson, as is proudly stated on the inside.


What really makes this one of my favorites is the way the colours are used. Nigel Cabourn did a matching jacket, with the same mismatched frontal materials, though I’ve only ever seen one example of this. Something tells me it might be a bit much to wear both jacket and waistcoat in this pattern though. On it’s own, the waistcoat does a terrific job of adding interest to an otherwise subtle outfit.



Nigel Cabourn is known for his use of quality factories in the UK, and using top notch materials in his garments. Extra credits on this for using proper horn buttons. Such a small detail, but once you notice it, it’s very much appreciated.



Notice how a waistcoat in such a lively design and colourway really needs a plain shirt to let it work it’s magic. This weeks shirt is the cheap as chips cotton Oxford by Uniqlo. Trousers are my old favorites from Hansen Garments, the Sverre model with no seam on the outside. Note also the need for a haircut, an essential part of looking like a Well Dressed Dad! And this for my milestone 50th post as well!

My good friend Stewart also supports Waistcoat Wednesday, wearing a matching waistcoat. Well done!


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Be inspired and join in the fun next week.


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