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Trouser Tuesday: Selvedge denim, how low can you go?

This review is a tricky one. No doubt about it. There comes a time when you’ve written a few reviews of denim trousers, spending time finding out what is different or special with each pair, describing, measuring, considering. And then you come to a pair like this, where there is almost nothing to say. You find yourself struggling, flailing even,…

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Style: What did I wear today?

This isn’t something I plan to make a regular occurrence of posting, but seeing as it was the Norwegian national day today and an opportunity to dress up a little more than usual, I thought I’d share my “day-off” look with all my fantastic readers. Posed against my garage door, appearing to look unconcerned and relaxed, I’m wearing my SEH…

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Waistcoat Wednesday: Nigel Cabourn, not for the shy

Quite a special waistcoat this week. One I’ve had for a while, but not really been confident to wear until now. Bought it a size too small by mistake, and only thanks to losing weight I can now get properly into it. A very distinctive waistcoat, courtesy of Nigel Cabourn. Three different colours, in quality Madras checked linen, again based…

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