Waistcoat Wednesday: NN07 – No nationality, but nice waistcoat

And we’re back with Waistcoat Wednesday! Are you feeling inspired yet to don your favourite pieces of armless attire? This weeks waistcoat is by the Scandinavian brand NN.07, or decoded, the company called No Nationality formed in 2007. A popular upper mid-range brand, at least around these ways. I have a special fondness for their shirts, which are reliably sized and well made. This was a waistcoat I stalked for a while before it finally dropped to 70% discount in the sales (this is universally known as “the discount where everything is allowed”, appreciated by sale hounds everywhere). A stroke of luck really, as I’d only seen this waistcoat in one shop, and they only had one in my size. It was meant to be.


While it looks like a traditional tweed waistcoat, it is really more a checked, woven wool. The variety of colours in the pattern make it a fine match for a variety of shirt colours, given how the multi-coloured waistcoat will work best with a single-colour shirt. Plan cotton back, and twin-straps for tightening it up. Having lost quite a bit of weight, it’s quit a feeling to go from wearing it unbuttoned, to buttoned, to actually using the straps to tighten it a bit!


To sum up, a friendly everyday waistcoat, properly made, not too dressy, but nice enough for most occasions. The trousers I’m wearing are by ARN Mercantile, recognisable by the zig-zag pattern on my posterior.


So, 3 down, a few more to go. Which waistcoat will be next weeks selection? Maybe you’d like to share a waistcoat with the world? It would be fun to do a post of reader submissions.

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Be inspired and join in the fun next week.


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