Waistcoat Wednesday: Spellbound, hobbit-style from Japan

In response to the clamouring from waistcoat aficionados worldwide, I’m back with another instalment of my popular mid-week special, Waistcoat Wednesday. Now I know for a fact that at least one reader has taken up what could become a huge thing, wearing a waistcoat on Wednesday, and I urge others to join in, and please send a photo so I can document the armless movement! To give you an idea of the exciting life of a low-level middle-aged blogger, this morning I noticed I got a hit from Google, where some truly excellent person had searched for … “Waistcoat Wednesday”! Google of course pointed him in the right direction. Thus legends are created. Seriously.



Today’s offering comes from Spellbound, a company I know almost nothing about. They’re Japanese, made in small numbers and only available in odd shops no one has heard about. For me, it’s a nice waistcoat, made of a really coarse, but not uncomfortable, brown wool tweed, with bound seams on the inside, leather details and a cute toggle fastener. Ok, so it’s a touch small for me still, but I normally wear it undone. WellDressedGirlfriend says I look like a hobbit in it, but I’m sure she intends it as a term of endearment. 4




Oh, and for anyone thinking “he sure doesn’t look too comfortable in front of the camera!”, you’d be totally right. Having avoided the focus of the soul-capturing device for most of my 45 years, it’s quite strange to not only ask to be taken photos of, then selecting the best of a poor crop and finally publishing them for the world to see on the web. Trust me, the potential trauma is intense. Please, appreciate it.


Clench, and smile!

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Be inspired and join in the fun next week.


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