Waistcoat Wednesday: Whillas & Gunn, Australian outback style

To kick of the long anticipated stroll through my collection of fetish-clothing waistcoats, I’ve selected an oddball starter. I know a few of you were expecting me to go for a number in Harris Tweed, but they will keep for now.

Today’s waistcoat is by the Australian company Whillas & Gunn, an interesting company that has been operating since 1972, working in mainly workwear style, but with an Australian outback twist.



Good, authentic workwear styling, in thick, waxed canvas, with a pleasant cotton lining. Rugged looking, and with the waxed canvas it should last a long time. Has worn in nicely already, giving it a nicely used appearance. Bought it because it works my Hansen Otto trousers (Hansen Sverre on these photo, I have profiled Hansen Garments  before as well). 5 buttons, with a throat latch. 4 front pockets, one of which is large enough to put documents in. One pocket on the inside. Notice that the buttons are hidden inside the placket, a nice touch, though it does make it harder to do them up.



Sizewise, I need an XL in this, whereas I use a 52 in Nigel Cabourn, a Medium in Universal Works, and anything in between in others.



To round things off, I’ll offer up a self-shot of me wearing it, taken in the style popular among teenage bloggers all over the Interwebz. Quite a struggle to get a photo that actually showed anything, so this is something I’ll need to work on. Of course, taking photos of a black piece of clothing in a dimly lit room is always going to be a problem.



Another detail worth mentioning on this one: No buckle on the back, this is a rugged piece, so we tie a knot to get the waistcoat to sit right. This from the same school of thought that adds wine corks to the bush hat, I suspect. I would have liked a buckle, but have learnt to live with the knot.



Notice how the black waistcoat and dark trousers would have allowed me to wear a colourful flannel shirt. When wearing a colourful waistcoat, I always go for a more muted single colour shirt, and vice versa. Pro styling tip at no added cost.

So, one down, many to go. What will next wednesday bring? Can you bear the anticipation? Spread the word about the wonders of Waistcoat Wednesday!

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Be inspired and join in the fun next week.


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