Garmology podcast: The Guernsey ganzie – With Rachael Laine of Le Tricoteur (#128)

Today we head to the small island of Guernsey to learn more about the legendary wool sweater often known as the “ganzie”. Rachael Laine is the owner of Le Tricoteur, maker of guernseys on Guernsey and we gain insight into what exactly makes a ganzie, the historical nature of the garment, the stories of old, and how it fits into modern times. Oh, and how Rachael happened to buy her family company without realising her family had actually started it! And also, just what are the origins of the company name?

You can find Le Tricoteur on Instagram as @letricouteur and on the web as

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  • Mitchell 23/09/2023 at 01:32

    Thanks for this interview, I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve had a traditional navy blue Le Tricoteur guernsey for about 15 years and find it ideal for the drizzly, windy, penetratingly damp winters where I live. I have a pile of great sweaters, but the gansey is one of my favourites. Glad to hear they are still being made in the same way. Starting to think I may need another in a different colour…it’s a bit of a compulsion!


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