Blog 3 year anniversary: Quiz draw and results!

There. Quiz closed. Official results to be announced!

Firstly though, I’m super chuffed by the sporting spirit shown and the number of entrants that joined in to be tested on their knowledge of WDD lore. 68 of you persevered and answered all 14 arduous questions. A large number of you even got them all correct!

The prices to be drawn are as follows:

Realm & Empire – A Harris Commando Roll Neck jumper



Laurence King Publishing – Icons of Men’s Style Mini  (2 copies)

icons_of_men_s_style_mini_3dand 100 years of tattoos (2 copies)



Harry Stedman – A pair of 16.5 Oz Kulsan Jeans

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 18.54.48

Livid Jeans – T-shirt (2 of)


The Shackleton Company – a pair of seamless boot socks


Armor Lux – a classic striped Breton top


Hubb Leather – a handmade key lanyard


And from my own stock, a hand woven, hand dipped, genuine indigo scarf.


So, 68 contenders in all. Who gets the prizes? To make it fair I have numbered them from 1-68 in a spreadsheet and then use an online randomizer to select the 12 winning numbers. Hey, that’s pretty decent odds and all! The prizes are dealt in the order the winning numbers are displayed.

The results are:

Here are your random numbers:
54	22	64	28	61
19	36	13	26	10
15	17

Timestamp: 2016-03-13 18:15:00 UTC

Which translates to the winners and prizes being as follows:

54 Nicholas Alott – Real & Empire commando roll neck
22 Duncan Lawie – Icons of Men’s style book
64 Stuart McGee – Icons of Men’s style book
28 Erik Andersson – 100 years of tattoos book
61 Pierre Queinnec – 100 years of tattoos book
19 Daniel Mills – Harry Stedman jeans
36 Jake Gordon – Livid Jeans t-shirt
13 Brian S – Livid Jeans t-shirt
26 Elin WDW – Shackleton seamless boot socks
10 Bob Armor – Lux Breton top
15 Chris Nawrocki – Hubb Leather key lanyard
17 Christopher Heggeli – WDD indigo scarf

Eagle-eyed readers will notice WDW being drawn. She sportingly put her entry back into the draw and this means that the Shackleton boot socks go to:

Here are your random numbers:

Which maps to Christer Wiik.

And such are the results from the jury. I’ll forward the winners email-addresses to the kind parties that have donated prizes and they will sort you out.

A huge thanks to everyone that has participated, here’s to another year!

Best wishes,



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  • Christer W. Aram 14/03/2016 at 14:15

    Thanx WDW! I Got Lucky after all! – and a truly inspiring and amusing blog.


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