Garmology podcast: The Nettle Dress – with Allan Brown (#134)

This week, we embark on a journey to Brighton to talk to Allan Brown about his profound connection with nettles. Allan’s unwavering commitment to crafting a garment from inception unfolded against the backdrop of his local woodlands, where the unassuming nettle became a transformative medium.

Delicately harvesting and methodically drying the plants, the meticulous process of extracting fibres and skillfully spinning them into thread, culminating in the weaving of cloth and the creation of a dress — a testament to the resolute spirit of one man’s quest.

Allan’s odyssey is now encapsulated in the cinematic portrayal, “The Nettle Dress.” Through this film, he not only shares the intricacies of his undertaking but also delves into the profound background, reflective thoughts, and therapeutic nuances of the spinning process. Join us as we navigate the tapestry of Allan’s journey, a story woven with threads of dedication, mindfulness, and the profound beauty found in the simplicity of nature.

You can find Allan on Instagram as @hedgerow.couture 

Full info about The Nettle Dress film is on the web at and on Instagram as @nettledressfilm

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