Waistcoat Wednesday: Nigel Cabourn, a linen number for the summer

This week sees me bringing out yet another Nigel Cabourn waistcoat from the Closet of Many Waistcoats here at the mansion. I’ve previously presented two variants of the Mallory in Harris Tweed, and a cheekily checked madras linen Notch Lapel version. This weeks could be considered a variation of the previously presented linen version, though stripped of the peacocking patterns of the checked madras linen. It gains it’s own purpose through being plain khaki in colour. Ready for Pimms and croquet at the lawn party? This would work for that. 1930’s theme on a lazy Saturday? Why, squire, you’re a cad and a bounder! I think we can safely say that this style of waistcoat can easily have a retro or vintage flavour to it.



A very classic cut on this one, with the notched lapels, back at waistline height and the deep front notches. 4 working pockets, symmetrically placed and useful for storing small items such as a gentleman may require. The front is all in quality Irish linen, the back and lining nice cotton. This is a waistcoat that needs to be bought in the correct size as there is no provision for adjustment. When it comes to Nigel Cabourn it is best to try items on before buying, or at the very least seeking advice on sizing before buying. I normally take a size larger in waistcoats than in jackets, which doesn’t appear to have any foundation in traditional Western logic. This waistcoat does sit a little tight on me, and it is in fact a size smaller than my other Cabourn waistcoats. (See further note right at the end of the page)



Quality wise this waistcoat is impeccable. Properly cut and sewn, material selection beyond reproach. And of course, being Nigel Cabourn it is wholly made in the UK. And, it has horn buttons, as any good piece of clothing should have. Being of a more subtle material, this waistcoat lends itself to mixing with both a plain white shirt, as modelled by our somewhat handsome model above (this was a nod to my mother, who has unfortunately stumbled upon my little blog), and more lively patterned shirts. Quite an all-round and versatile little piece. And of course, what I’d wear next time you’re offering a mug of Pimms on the lawn. Toodle-pip!



More waistcoats to be found in the archive of armless attire!

I happen to have a wonderful linen jacket that is too large for me. I bought it having an idea of creating a full suit in linen, but this didn’t really work out. It is size 52 and would suit a dapper gent of more generous proportions than myself, both in height and chest. Would fit superbly for a chest of around 42-44″. Drop me an email if you might be interested. It’s never been worn, still has the tailors stitch on the back and is of the same wonderful quality as the waistcoat presented here. It also has arms.



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