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As promised last week, I’m making an effort to get back on track with my pictorial posts. This is where I collate my favourite Instagram posts from recent times into an easy to ingest digest, and preface it with some editorial content. As a winning formula it’s not the worst I’ve come across.

Right now I’m off to Copenhagen for a brief visit. Although I have visited in depth earlier, this time I have only a couple of destinations (apart from the pesky business of, well, actual business). I’ll not go into depth at this point, but suffice to say it involves trouser suspension engineering. This tiny teaser no doubt already has you painting vivid mental pictures, right?

Coming up later this week will be the third instalment of the stunningly popular short series where I attempt to kill the internet by dramatically changing the look of a vintage 60’s Harris Tweed jacket. So far the feedback has been intensely gratifying, and I’m very pleased to note that I’m not the only person curious as to how this poor old jacket will end up.

Oh, and inspired by a Japanese woman with some crazy ideas about tidying up and clearing out stuff, I’ve actually gone and sorted, folded and generally put all my trousers, socks and t-shirts into system. And, I’m hesitant to admit this, but it was actually rather fun and gratifying. I’ll be doing a piece on this for the weekend. Heck, maybe I’ll even do it in the form of a video, with voice and hot folding action. Would you enjoy that?










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