Editorial: Ongoing quiz and an unmissable video

Easing into the weekend with snow lightly falling outside, I’m pondering today’s deep issue. With there being snow of sufficient quantity and consistency outside, why the heck am I not outside building a snowman?



I’m really not sure, though maybe there is a social stigma attached to a grown man building snowmen on his own. And of course, kids today are too busy with their screens to join in. Modern times, eh?



I have been working on a couple of posts for a while now about being more cosmetically cautious. Turns out that testing deodorants is really tricky to do with any sort of scientific methods, at least as long as it’s performed at home using a single test subject. I have reached some conclusions though and will post soon.

I’m also looking for pomades that fulfil the quite simple criteria of actually working and not containing any dubious chemicals. A lot harder to find than you might think!



In the meantime, my good wife pointed me to the following video, and indeed it is sheer brilliance. About 8 minutes long, it points out many important points regarding the sort of chemical cocktails that foisted upon us in the name of personal cosmetics. I urge you to watch it.

And yes, the 3 year blog anniversary quiz is still running! I’ll give it a few more days and then draw the prizes. You have to complete it to be in the draw, but I’m not demanding a perfect score (even though I am humbled to see that there are quite a few that have scored 100%!)


I’ve also updated the FOR SALE page with some new bits, and dropped the prices on some of the bits you’ve been hankering for…

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