The Garmsman Dozen #7: Even from Norway

Welcome to the seventh instalment of the “Garmsman Dozen” question and answer session. The response so far has been tremendous. Did you miss earlier ones? There are links at the end of the page.

This week we welcome to the Garmsman Dozen Even Ramsvik from Norway!

Who are you, where do you live and what interests you?

Even Ramsvik, 34  – I live in Lille Tøyen Hageby in Oslo. Previously holder of a Michelin star and now I am the CEO and co-owner of Lava Oslo a restaurant group that counts 12 different restaurants, bars, brewery and canteens.
Father of two – Elliot 8 & April 1 – Interested in Art, clothing & building cafe racers of vintage motorcycles.
Instagram: @evenramsvik

How would you describe your style today, and what are your influences?

I would describe my style as «work wear with a modern addition of streetwear» — I like to feel that I have a typical look for myself – It is quite influenced by the brands that I like the most of course but I usually end up with the same kind of elements usually in different fabrics, bakers jackets, fatigue pants, boots and a nice vest goes a long way.

How do you think others would describe your style and garments, do you get any reaction from friends and random strangers?

I heard from a friend that someone called my style «poor from a distance» meaning that from a distance I usually can be wearing typical work-wear but as you get nearer you can tell that it is high-level quality clothing – I thought that was a quite funny description.  I really appreciate though getting remarks on my style and clothes –

When looking for clothes, what factors play into your selections?

I would love to say that the biggest factor is the need, but that’s quite far from the truth… I can really get quite conscious about my spending on clothes, that I spend too much in these days when consuming is a big factor, but I always convince my self that I have found my style, I will never change and the garments I get are timeless, some of them collectable and of a certain quality that I can be wearing for many many years to come – So quality is a huge factor – Of course I have some favorite brands but the brand itself is not important to me. I would say quality, style and ethical production are the most important factors.

When putting together an outfit combination, do you spend a lot of time considering it?

Not really – most of my clothes get together quite easily, I usually give it a thought the night before when I check the weather report:) – If anything I spend more time making sure that my outfit is not too much of an outfit… if that makes sense:) – If it looks too much like you have spent time matching colours and maybe too many accessories also can throw me off.

Most garmsmen will have a few “grail items” in their collection. Not to out you, but if your house is burning, which garments do you grab?

My grail objects would probably not be of my everyday clothes but custom suits from T-Michael – They are unique and exquisite and one of a kind – Otherwise it would be a 3 pcs by Engineered Garments that I am particularly fond of.

What would you never wear?

I truly love Norwegian autumn – It suits my wardrobe perfectly both visually and temperature wise. I can use all of my boots – wool pants, layers of nice shirts, vests and most of my jackets. It is so much more fun to assemble an outfit in autumn – But my biggest issue is the summer time… I still haven’t really found a nice variety of clothes I am comfortable with in the summer – linen makes me feel like a drug lord and shorts… I can’t help it, I feel like a child when I’m wearing shorts – on the beach and in my garden, yes, otherwise I guess I will be sweating instead…

Do you have a dream garment you’d love to own?

I am currently dreaming of a Pendleton jacket with a native pattern – It is truly unique and beautiful – a bit pricey though.

Do you have any style icons, historic or current?

Steve McQueen! Bob Dylan & Tony Sylvester (fashion journalist and frontman of Norwegian deathpunk band Turbonegro).

15. Who are your favourite Instagram profiles?


@craftedparis is probably the best in my opinion.

Do you make any of your own clothes?

Yes! Not for myself yet but I have made for others – truly an amateur but I buy patterns from Merchant & Mills – By now I have made a shirt and a jacket – Hope to be making a lot more in the future! And sourcing fabric is high on my agenda.

How do you see your style evolving going forwards?

I feel quite confident on my style now – If I were to see it evolve it would be in a direction that is more time consuming, to get objects with even more storytelling and historical background – I would love to move towards more vintage WWII/ military, American classics etc –

Thank you for your Garmsman Dozen Even Ramsvik!

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