Indigo and tweed- the week that was

This week has been mostly in the hue of indigo. We’ve had amazing weather with the sky being blue, and with  nature on the cusp of springing out in all it’s glory, the colours outside are totally complimentary to the denim and tweed I’ve been wearing. Summer is coming in too fast though and I really don’t feel I’ve been able to enjoy the in-between season that lets me air my collection of jackets enough. Add in that winter this year was incredibly mild and short and it struck me the other day that my Ice Cutters only had a handful of wears this year. Shocking!



Still, not much to be done about it. Soon it will be time for t-shirts and shorts, so wear all your good stuff while you still can.

This weeks deep philosophical rant was on the matter of branding. It’s a matter that concerns me, and I keep returning to it in one way or another. I’d love to hear your opinions on the matter, use the comment field freely!



This weeks review was of the second of the two Norwegian denim brands, Steel Feather. You can read it here, and my report of meeting up with Anders, Mr Steel Feather himself, here. Next week there will be a review of a very special British pair of jeans. And they are more different than most.

I’m still adding (and removing, thank you!) stuff from my For Sale page. Some really nice stuff available at the moment, and you’ll notice I’ve taken the time to categorise it.


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