Garmology S01 E16: Raketa watches of Russia, with David Henderson-Stewart

Already up to episode 16 of the Garmology podcast, quite the rollercoaster output! I’m working my way down a long list of interesting guests, both confirmed and potential. This week I talk to David Henderson-Stewart of the Russian watch company Raketa. With a history of making timepieces going back 300 years, there is undoubtedly a magnificent history of craftsmanship to be found in St Petersburg. Through political changes, space exploration and polar expeditions, a factory with dedicated watchmakers have produced unique and different watches. A 24-hour watch to enable you to tell the time in the Arctic Winter when day and night appear no different? Watches that run in the opposite direction, as the planets move?

Based in St Petersburg, Raketa is the only remaining maker of watches in Russia and their uniquely different timepieces have a long and interesting tradition. Made in their entirety in the small factory by a workforce that has seen much history happen outside. Used by Russian cosmonauts and Arctic explorers, the story of Raketa is both intriguing and fascinating.

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