Editorial: Final chance for quiz and giveaway! And other stuff!

Yes, yes, yes, I know. You already entered the quiz last week, or even the week before last, and I should credit you with as much. Don’t be so precious, I’m not talking to you, but the guy next to you. The guy that didn’t have a crack at it yet. I’ll draw the prizes on Sunday, so get cracking:


Prizes from:

And if you feel you might not be quite up to scratch on the WDD lore, don’t worry, it’s all multiple choice, you get three goes at each question and everyone that has the stamina to complete it is entered in the draw. Can’t make it fairer than that, surely?

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I’ve been working on some stuff for the weekend as well. A couple of new belt reviews that will be of interest to anyone looking for a fresh leather-based anti-sagging device for their favourite trousers. Expect it in time for your morning brew on Saturday.




If you follow my Instagram you’ll also have noticed that I’ve been back in the sewing room here at Well Dressed Mansion. Taking it back to basics for small-scale, local, artisan production I’m having another gung-ho go at making a waistcoat for myself. This time in royal blue corduroy. Will it be insanely awesome, or merely a mighthavebeen? The first instalment of the one-man sewing bee on Sunday morning.



A couple of fresh arrivals in the outerwear department as well this week. From Yorkshire comes the McNair mountain shirt in fantastic blue merino wool. Is it a shirt? Is it a jacket? The jury is still out on that one, but I’m considering it outerwear for now and giving it a proper trial. So far it’s proven it has cold weather chops on the morning cycle to work. I’ll post a fuller review in due time.



And if you think you’ve detected a blue theme of late, well done! The latest blue finery through the door is this great duffle from London Tradition. When I saw the royal blue I knew that was for me, though to mix it up a bit I wanted some details in navy blue. The factory in East London very happy to oblige my whim, and the end result is pretty marvellous, and make for a very distinctive take on the classic duffle. Again, give me a chance to wear it a bit and I’ll give you the full lowdown.


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