Ripples, turn-ups and feminism – The week that was

Weekend is almost upon us, and it’s time for the regularly scheduled editorial and Instagram collation. This week has been mainly about the lower end of the legs, both in the photos and the subjects covered. What with the calendar mercilessly progressing forward the opportunity for Winter to make a swift and unwanted return, the season has almost quite definitely changed now.




And a change of season means a change of footwear and, perhaps still to a lesser degree, outerwear. A mild winter may be hard to distinguish from a cold Spring, but the absence of snow and slush means the shoes can come out and the boots go into storage. Shoes are something I feel I have under control, jackets less so. While you can have any number of jackets and the only problem is that of storage and a certain feeling that you might not be wearing each one enough, the case is different with footwear.




Most shoes and boots need a certain amount of wear before they adapt to your feet, a period of “breaking them in”. If you have too many shoes you’ll never really enjoy any to the fullest extent, always being at a point somewhere between box fresh and still not really as comfy as they could be. A good rule would be to buy a limited number of shoes, but get quality ones.



This weeks writing was on the matter of soles, or more specifically “ripple soles“, as a follow up to a previous piece I did outlining the more common and important soles. With my new found knowledge about the historical aspects of ripple soles I’m now keen to have a pair of shoes modified to incorporate them. Cue the start of hunting for both a pair of soles to be used (they can be difficult to come by, apparently, although Vibram do appear to make them), and a pair of shoes suitable for the conversion. This could be fun!



The second piece this week concerned the matter of trouser cuffs, or turn-ups. A matter than concerns small boys and grown men alike, and the response the post got was gratifying. It just goes to show that things our partners might find of no significance at all are actually matters of great concern. Of course, we don’t understand huge handbags and the need for a dozen pairs identical high-heeled shoes either. Never has the divide between the sexes been so clear. Or is feminism also about wanting to wear parkas, heavy denim and stout shoes? I think not.

Speaking of parkas, I have a couple of really ace ones for sale at the moment. Monitaly is rare, exceptional quality, and rarely as reasonably priced as on my For Sale page. I thought it worth a mention.



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