Tube strikes, sullen supermodels and more awesome summer looks!

I find myself on an overcast Thursday morning on the outskirts of London. The sky is grey, looks like it could easily dissolve into rain, and I could easily find myself complaining about the quite disappointing weather this sumer. It’s enough to put you into a right blue funk, eh? Or, pop on a parka and enjoy the opportunity to get out of the sun and heat for a while.



Oh, and the Tube is closed due to a strike, to add yet more burden to things. A lot worse for those that rely on it than for me though, a mere pleasure-traveller. What else is there to do today but drink too much strong coffee and noodle around the web? More than I know right know, that much is certain, though meeting people and visiting the Imperial War Museum are on the cards.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted a collection of images from Instagram account, so I thought I would present a carefully curated selection for those that don’t follow my every move directly. You might like to check it out, as it’s a fine way of interacting and getting in touch. Or, to revisit the theme of being glum and sullen, even complimenting me on having a couple more facial expressions than top supermodel and it-girl Carla Delevingne.



I suspect though that it will take more than curating a sullen and glum look to transform me into a top dad-model and generally “it” chap! Do I even want to live a life of supercars, unlimited chemicals, awesome experiences, beautiful people and unlimited money? Put like that it does become something to ponder indeed. I’d be more inclined to go for vintage sportscars, thick tweed, solid shoes, proper parkas, perfect g&t’s, meeting fascinating people and … well, sufficient money would be quite acceptable. Life doesn’t need to be set to 11 on just everything, right?


A few of the “looks” from the past month






And some holiday snaps!






And some big questions…





I’m always taking photos, so stay tuned for more awesome and inspiring images on my Instagram!

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