A collection of Instagrammar

And before I know what has happened, it’s Friday again and time for the weekly collection of what I posted to my Instagram over the past week. To add some flavour this weeks adventures include cows, hedgehogs and ecologically grown vegetables. Just when you thought there couldn’t be more snaps of buttons, boots and fabrics, I up my game with more fun features.

This week saw me post part 6 of the Great Shaving Cream Investigation. A sigh of relief that all the regular rounds are over, a dozen products tested and reviewed. Tomorrow I will have the winning product meet the rank outsider that has been lurking in the background the past couple of months. The in form of the cheapest shaving cream available to me, an own-brand aerosol can from the local supermarket. Am I looking forward to it? I am always curious, so intellectually yes. I’m not sure the left-hand side of my face feels the anticipation in equal strength.

I also made an initial post in respect of gentlemen’s bicycle helmets, a topic that has sparked interest. I also received my knockabout brogues back from being resoled. Great stuff.



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