Garmology podcast: From riffs to threads to pods – With Jeremy Kirkland, Blamo! (#139)

It’s no secret that podcast enthusiasts often form a connection with their favourite hosts. Granting someone access to your lugholes for hours on end, it’s quite natural that over time a lopsided friendship of sort occurs. After immersing myself in Jeremy Kirkland’s “Blamo!” podcast for countless hours over the years, I extended an invitation for him to join me on Garmology. Our conversation delves into Jeremy’s unpredictable career journey, spanning from being in a band to music promotion to fashion entrepreneurship and celebrity styling, along with discussions on evolving tastes, the influence of social media and influencers, and the symbiotic relationship between brands and free advertising. Plus, I attempt to unravel the mystery of “getting fits off.” Tune in for a delightful and insightful session!

You can find Jeremy and Blamo! on the web as and on Instagram as @blamopodcast

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Nick Johannessen is also the editor of the WellDressedDad blog and WellDressedDad on Instagram. You can email Nick as Garmology (at)

Garmology theme music by Fabian Stordalen.

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