How many Instagrams to a kilogram?

Welcome back to another of my weekly compilations of Instagram output. After an unusually warm and pleasant Autumn we now have proper weather with a vengeance, lots of vicious winds and drenching downpour. Great times for chaps with good jackets.

The inclement weather and short days have made it more difficult than usual to stage my incredibly advanced photo sessions, but I have enough fresh photos to  finish up a few reviews I know many have been waiting for. This week saw an overdue Waistcoat Wednesday return with a review of my Earl of Bedlam tweed waistcoat, and next week sees something else very special. This does mean my stock of new waistcoats is down to zero though, so Trouser Tuesdays will be back by strong demand!

Interesting times ahead, with a couple of special projects on the go and also a trip to New Delhi in 2 weeks. If you have any tips about what I might look at while I’m there, please let me know!


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