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My daydream holiday destinations

The other day I found myself thinking about places I’d like to travel to. “Like” is not really a strong enough word, though. Maybe “urge” is more descriptive. Places or things I feel I have to experience, and soon, as some of them probably won’t be there forever. My destinations might not be what most consider proper “holiday” destinations though. My current top…

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Tube strikes, sullen supermodels and more awesome summer looks!

I find myself on an overcast Thursday morning on the outskirts of London. The sky is grey, looks like it could easily dissolve into rain, and I could easily find myself complaining about the quite disappointing weather this sumer. It’s enough to put you into a right blue funk, eh? Or, pop on a parka and enjoy the opportunity to get…

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Another Instagrammed week – UK 1

This week sees the first part of our UK road trip. Flying to London, renting a car, driving to Brighton. Two days in each place, taking in interesting things underway, both sights, food and shopping. Onwards to Bristol and Bath, via Shepton Mallet (worth a visit if you like Mulberry). Nice to see some original work by Banksy in his…

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