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A weekend in Gothenburg

While I am quite happy to enjoy a weekend at home in the mansion, with a fire roaring in the fireplace, a mug of tea at hand and good book, I also like travelling and visiting new places. And by visit I mean “go somewhere for a walkabout”. Last weekend saw me getting restless and once it was determined that…

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My life pictorially, more Instagrammar

Another Friday collation of what has passed by way of posts to Instagram. Small outtakes and staged settings to illustrate my existence. Sounds a little more conceptual and serious than it really is though. I just enjoy sharing small collages, and appreciate that people respond to them. Are we not all really hoping to be noticed in some way or…

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The H&M Mauritz Archive Collection is surprisingly good

Yesterday was an odd day. We’re currently in Bergen, and apart from being a delightful town, it offers some decent opportunities for shopping. I’ve previously written about the shops I consider good in Bergen, such as T-Michael, Lot 333, Twisted and Tilsammans. Today I visited the emporium I normally only trudge through, eyes down, when trailing WellDressedGirlfriend, or picking up…

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