How about some Indiagram for a change?

This week has been a strange one indeed. One day I’m back home in Norway enjoying cold Autumn days, the next I’m flying 12 hours across the world to New Delhi in India. A long flight, but an even greater shift in climate and culture. Stepping off the plane at Indira Ghandi international airport was strange indeed. Suddenly I was one of 250 people waiting in line to borrow a biro to fill in their ebola form, which when filled in was given a cursory glance and a stamp.

Exiting into the arrival area a driver was waiting with my name on a board, a first for me, and the drive to the hotel confirmed every cliche of Indian traffic I’d ever come across. The tuk-tuks, the laden three-wheeled bikes, the garishly decorated lorries, people wondering around in traffic. And the honking horns, all the time. No cows though, that came a couple of days later.

The new experiences did mean less of a focus on tweed and such this week. I’ve tried to share some of the stranger sights in my photos. Some of you will nod in recognition, others will have a similar “WTF?” reaction to what I had when I saw it. The contrasts are huge here between those that have and those don’t, and also things that are completely normal for people living here might seem quite insane to those of us that are new to it all.

The cows wandering around eating thrash outside the office building here in Cyber City (for so it is named) though, that I can’t ever imagine getting used to. Where does this trash magically appear from every night, and what does it contain? This part of Guargon is being massively developed, so the contrast between large, new buildings and the rubble and chaos outside is unbelievable.

And in total contrast to everything I’m experiencing here in India, my design collaboration with Fracap has now come to fruition in the form of a pair of boots that look very good indeed! So a little tweed this week as well after all.

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