The opportunities of Autumn, a pictorial

Oh yes, Autumn is definitely here now. After a month of teasing the weather has finally started it’s journey towards winter. It’s as if the trees all suddenly got the memo about yellow and brown being the new green and have all decided to get with the programme. Plus a drop in temperature and plenty of rain to go with it.

Those of us that appreciate a good jacket, a warm scarf, some nice gloves and proper footwear like the opportunities of Autumn weather.

I know, I didn’t fill my quota of posts this week, though I did finally post something on sweatshirts. A true classic and iconic staple item.

I’ve started posting some of my archival posts to my Facebook page and the Twitter feed. There’s almost 250 posts to pick from and unless you’ve been reading back you might like to sign up and receive more links to stuff you might like to read.

So, here we have it, this weeks material from my Instagram:

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