Garmology Podcast: Weaving songs – with Sam Goates of Woven In The Bone (S03E02)

After a long career in textile design and fabrication, Sam Goates set up shop as a solitary weaver in the port of Buckie in the North of Scotland. Bringing a down at heel bitsa this, bitsa that Hattersley single-width loom back to life to weave custom cloths for discerning customers worldwide. We talk about Sam’s time in Australia, how she is not weaving Harris Tweed, the frustrations of keeping a vintage loom running right, employing family members and how there are never enough hours in the day. Inevitably we also get into sustainability, buying better and less and try to find an answer to what contributes to a garment being cherished.

You can find Woven In the Bone on the web here and on Instagram as @woveninthebone

And remember, while you can listen to the episode right here on the webpage (all episodes on the Garmology page), for the best experience, the podcast is also available on all the usual podcast sites, like Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcasts etc., just search for Garmology. This is very handy for listening via your phone while walking the dog, driving, cooking, or whatever activity you do where you want to listen to people talk about stuff.

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