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Guide: Some boots to see you through the winter

For me winter means boots. I know some people feel it appropriate to stride through the cold and dark, over the ice and snow, wearing the same flimsy, slippery and chilly footwear they use the rest of the year. Around here though we see winter as an opportunity to boot up. And boots must be real boots, no zips and…

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Trouser Tuesday: Rapha, proper trousers for cyclists

Regular readers will not have missed my tear-jerking piece about cycling-induced holes in my tweed trousers recently, and ensuing discussion about: a) how silly I am to be cycling in tweed trousers and b) how I should abandon my fetish for tweed and consider more appropriate cycle-wear, such as c) a pair of Rapha cycling jeans. So, never one to…

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The opportunities of Autumn, a pictorial

Oh yes, Autumn is definitely here now. After a month of teasing the weather has finally started it’s journey towards winter. It’s as if the trees all suddenly got the memo about yellow and brown being the new green and have all decided to get with the programme. Plus a drop in temperature and plenty of rain to go with…

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